Based on information I’ve gathered; I don’t think any new car has a CD player. But I’m happy to be corrected. Remember those CD stackers, great idea at the time as each CD moved on to the next. What great days. However, when Apple first launched iTunes way back in 2001, CD’s started a long slippery slide into oblivion.

Which is what got me thinking, many cars now have DAB radio. Including the Mazda G15 Pure sedan I’ve got this week. Now don’t get me wrong, DAB is basically useless outside our metropolitan areas. Having said that, the smartest way around this came from Audi and the A6. 

Every time you enter a tunnel it’s just a given; you’ll lose coverage. But Audi’s system in that scenario switches from DAB to taking the stations streaming service. There’s about a five second lag, but it’s a great system.

If you’ve decided to keep your children at home, DAB may help you get through the day. Sometimes you don’t have time to change songs. DAB and the genre of music you like is there, 24/7.

Renault Kadjar

DAB channels seem endless, each channel is a spin off from a well-established FM brand. For example, 2DAY FM offer the chill out channel aptly named 2DAY Budda. Then we have 2DAY Dance, 2DAY FM Easy, 2DAY Oldskool and 2DAY Urban. The latter two are my go to channels, bro.

A retro DAB radio

I’m very hesitant to tell people to go out and buy a portable DAB radio. Why? Because unless you’re in the right spot geographically, they’re useless. We have one in the EFTM office, but you look like a person holding one of those rabbit antennas whilst standing on one leg. 

I can hear people saying what about “Apple Music” and “Spotify.” You won’t find an argument here, that’s how I get my music hit when driving around.

But importantly DAB offers free mixed entertainment. 

DAB is probably going to fade away, thanks to streaming. But for now, it’s OK in the car but great in the home and car.