Facebook has revealed that in the last month alone they’ve seen a 100% increase in the use of the desktop web-browser version of Facebook Messenger as we all look to new ways to communicate with our friends and family during these crazy global times.

Knowing that people are using their computers more than ever, rather than their mobile phones – Facebook has launched a new Desktop version of the Messenger app.

The benefits of the desktop app are using your larger screen for video calls, which many people didn’t know is possible using Facebook.

We’ve seen people using so many new apps, while the majority of Aussies are Facebook Users so the simplest platform is sitting there right under your nose.

Facebook Messenger makes it easy to connect with your existing Facebook friends – no email meeting codes required.

Because the app is standalone, you can easily switch between the Messenger app and the other things you’re working on on the PC (or Mac)

With the app being always open for you, you’ll get desktop notifications in a clearer way instead of just a browser notification.

It looks just like the web pop up, but it’s completely standalone.

Worth a look I reckon!

Search “Facebook Messenger” in the Microsoft Windows Store, and Mac App Store.