BMW’s brand new 5 Series will hit Australian showrooms later this year packed with a bunch of new tech, wrapped in its best look yet.

We’re all ignoring or perhaps forgiving about a decade of design woes now that we see this stunning new-look that matches our favourite the 3 Series.

“Sporting grace and clean surfaces” is how BMW describe it – I just say it looks hot.

And don’t get me started on how great the all-black grill is – tick that box folks.

Laserlight headlights are available for epic illumination, while in both Laser and standard headlight options the outer daytime driving lights also act as your indicators.

Electric continues to creep into the market, with the 530e plug-in hybrid model now including the XtraBoost function BMW have as standard, giving you a solid kick up the bum when you put the foot down with a maximum of 215kW for up to 10 seconds.

Inside the 12.3 inch display is now standard, while a range of multi-function buttons are part of a newly designed centre console set of controls.

BMW’s infotainment and control system or “BMW Operating System 7.0” appears across the range including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Safety wise, this thing is smarter than the average bear. Lane Departure Warning is included with an optional “Driving Assistant” which features lane return through steering assistance.

Then there’s the Parking Assistant, which can take control of the steering while reversing for distances of up to 50 meters – strewth you missed that spot by a fair way?

And the awesome BMW Drive Recorder is available too, using the four cameras around the car for perhaps the best dash-cam experience available. Every inch of the road around you is covered.

Perhaps enticing us to stick with the in-built nav instead of using our Smartphone mapping, BMW say the system is able to “calculate routes and arrival times with remarkable speed and precision and updating real-time traffic data at short intervals, the new cloud-based navigation system BMW Maps also allows drivers enter any word when selecting a destination.”

We’ll be putting that one to the test.

There’s just too much to cover, but needless to say the 5 Series is an important executive sedan for BMW and it appears, without getting a look first hand – that they’ve ticked all the boxes, and then added some more and ticked them.

The new 5 Series will be available later this year, and we expect pricing by October.