Those years you’ve spent in front of a PC or console playing games are about to pay off, with Telstra announcing they want to pay someone to be an official game reviewer to host new content series.

For someone who loves games, you’ll have no problem fulfilling the terms of the deal. Telstra basically want the successful applicant to do 10 video and written reviews of games (and associated gaming products) from their Xbox Game Pass between June to November. As for pay, you’ll be supplied with their Telstra Xbox All Access and the Terms & Conditions stating you will be ‘paid $AUS2,500 plus GST for each Review commissioned by Telstra’ – $25K for reviewing games? That’s not bad at all.

Telstra wants to see what you can do, so they want to see some great applications. It’s pretty simple, jump onto their application page and tell them a bit about yourself – feel free to show off a bit with any tips, tricks or other tidbits you think are cool. You’ll also need to share a link to a game review video you’ve created from a console, PC or mobile game and a 300 word mini-review on why you like the game etc.

The new series will be tied to Telstra’s Xbox All Access package which launched last year, which lets you add an Xbox One S or X and Game Pass service to your Telstra bill for an additional monthly charge.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate High Res Horizontal Key Art

Nathan Gumley, Connected Home Principal at Telstra said: ‘Telstra’s had a long history in gaming right back to the Game Arena network and website that was developed in the early 2000s as a way for people to play together and engage as a community. Fast forward almost 20 years and we’re seeing a great response from customers on our exclusive partnership with Microsoft for Xbox All Access, making it easier to get into gaming and play online. We’re excited to open up our search for someone to review games and hardware as a way of continuing our commitment to helping customers get the most out of their experience and engage with new stories, characters friends and family through gaming.

The mention of ‘associated gaming products’ as part of the review is an interesting one given the new XboxSeries X launches at the end of November, so, maybe…

It’s a heck of an opportunity to strut your stuff in front of a pretty large audience, which if you’re looking to jump into a career as a video game reviewer is a big head start. Applications are open now until 11:59PM AEST on Wednesday 22nd of May so what are you waiting for? Get on over there and get an application together.