What do you get when you combine a money-back guarantee with the “interest free for 48 months” style retail model? The Telstra WiFi satisfaction guarantee.

With a huge spike in home internet usage, and a new-found reliability from the internet coming into our homes people are starting to realise that the problem with their internet connection more often than not is actually the WiFi network in your home.

You can have the best devices, the fastest internet connection, but if your router is stuck under the stairs there’s going to be dead spots and slow speeds in areas of your home.

For years I’ve been talking about Mesh WiFi systems like Netgear Orbi, Linksys Velop and D-Link Covr – and even the Telcos have gotten on board with WiFi extender and mesh networking systems.

One of the barriers to entry to upgrading your whole home WiFi is the cost.

Enter Telstra, with over two million Telstra Smart Modems installed in homes across Australia, their Smart Boosters can solve the problems of loads of households.

Telstra’s offer is a $12 subscription fee – for that Telstra will supply up to four WiFi Boosters to ensure “wall to wall” WiFi coverage in your home.

Better still, if it doesn’t work, or you don’t think it’s helped your WiFi speeds – you can cancel within 30 days.

Telstra’s Michele Garra said “We’ve recently experienced how critical it is to have a fast and reliable internet connection in the whole house to help us work, study, be entertained and remain connected. During the peak of the nation staying at home, daytime traffic was up by around 40-42% in late March with an average of about nine connected devices per household.

“I’m pleased to say that we have delivered two million Telstra Smart Modems to our consumer and business customers. We’re also currently delivering our fastest nbn speeds ever with the lowest latency of any provider during evening hours when gaming and video streaming is mainly happening. This means less lag and less waiting, and results in a better customer experience. 

“As the nbn rollout nears its completion, it is important to educate our customers about how and why strong Wi-Fi is a critical aspect of creating a positive internet experience, particularly with so many using multiple screens around the home. We’re seeing customers put their modem in a poor location like in a cupboard or behind a television which reduces the Wi-Fi signal strength.”

Telstra nbn customers can sign up for $12 a month, or an up front cost of $288. If you don’t have a Smart Modem, you’ll get that for free as part of the deal.