Sure Laptops are what most people think of when it comes to Back-to-School tech, but there’s a huge range of things kids need, and often kids are asked to bring headphones to school, or just at home you need them to be able to do their school work without disturbing everyone!

From primary school to university, there’s a lot of different needs which is why you need to see a whole range of products.

JBL’s range features headphones from $20 up, with $20-$150 the sweet spot for back-to-school headphones.

The Junior range, JBL JR300 feature an ear saving volume limit – capping sound to 85dB and looking after those young ears.

And of course there are plenty that also feature Bluetooth so they’re wireless for smartphone or laptop use.

These are your entry level, outstanding product, great built quality, bright colours, the JBL JR300:

The JR300’s feature that limited volume, they are designed from the ground up for kids, they have comfortable softly padded ear cushions and fold up so they are easy to pack away.

Plus, they come with a bunch of stickers in the box so your kids can customise them and really own their own pair.

JBL JR 300 : $49.95

If you’re looking for something a little less bright and colourful the JBL Tune 450BT are a wireless or wired set with Pure Bass and a one-button remote for answering calls, and when you use the cable, it’s a flat tangle-free cable too!

They’ll set you back $49.95

The TUNE 500 feature Siri or Google assistant features, along with a 16 hour battery time, with a 2 hour recharge.

Just 5 minutes on charge will get you an hour of listening time.

They retail for $69.95

Stepping it up a gear, the TUNE 600 BTNC are wireless headphones with Noise Cancelling. Helping you focus on your studies the noise cancelling will dampen the sound around you while you listen.

With a solid JBL sound, including Pure Bass, they’re great headphones all round.

The TUNE 600BTNC feature a 12 hour battery life when using Active Noise Cancelling.

There’s a three button remote along with microphone so you can control your music and calls with ease.

They fold up, are lightweight and will set you back $149.95.

Finally, the JBL Tune 700BT pack a staggering 27 hour battery life, with two hours of listening time from just five minutes of charging.

Plus, the Multi-point connection means you can switch from device to device with ease.

If the battery is drained you can still plug in and enjoy your music with the included, detachable cable.

JBL Tune 700BT’s will set you back $99.95.

Plenty of great options for back-to-school, you’ll find JBL headphones at all good retailers, plus