One thing I love about CES is the crazy, off the wall ideas that surface. Some of these may never see the light of day, but it’s good to see the process. Razer has unveiled two new concepts at CES, a Smart Mask and a gaming chair.

Razer is sharing the designs as Project Hazel and Project Brooklyn. Project Hazel is a clear, transparent face mask with N95 respirator protection and VoiceAmp technology, while Project Brooklyn is a gaming chair that which includes a 60-inch OLED panel which can roll away when not in use.

Project Hazel

We’ve seen a lot of masks at CES 2021, so it’s not unlikely that Razer could progress this from a concept to a reality – but at this stage, Razer isn’t announcing anything beyond the design.

Project Hazel

The Razer Smart Mask has a distinct ‘Razer’ feel to it. The mask has a clear, transparent panel allowing you to emote more fully when face to face. There’s RGB lights which can be customised, and light up when the sun goes down so people can still see your face at night, or just to entertain you.

Razer says the mask is both scratch-resistant and waterproof, letting you clean it easily and making it sustainable – it’s also made out of recycled plastic. The mask also uses rechargeable disc-type ventilators which can be sanitised in the supplied charging case using UV-light.

Project Hazel Charging Case

The mask is silicon lined, and has active air cooling and regulation which brings in fresh air and vents out CO2‘. The mask also has adjustable ear loops to help form a tight seal around your face.

Project Brooklyn

From sheer looks alone, Project Brooklyn is a long way off launching, if only based on the inclusion of a 60-inch rollable OLED panel that folds away when not in use.

Project Brooklyn

To start with Project Brooklyn is more than a gaming chair, it’s more an entertainment station. The chair, which is built from carbon fiber, includes tactile feedback built-in to the chair, ‘4D’ armrests that can join together as a table, and, because it’s Razer: RGB Lighting.

The 60-inch rollable OLED screen is obviously the big ‘Wow’ factor here, but given the expense of rollable displays currently, this will certainly limit the feasability of turning this concept into a product.

Overall, both Project Hazel and Project Brooklyn look to be products I’d use, but we’ll have to wait and see what Razer has to say about them becoming a reality.

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