After being announced as part of Amazon’s September launch event last year, the eero 6 mesh Wifi system is now available to purchase in Australia. 

The eero 6 mesh router is designed for homes with internet connections up to 500 Mbps and includes support for Wi-Fi 6 which can connect more than 75 devices. There’s also a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, doing away with the need for a separate hub. 

The new eero 6 can offer better coverage around your home as well, with a single eero able to cover up to 140 square meters, or you can add in two eero 6 Wi-Fi extenders for up to 460 square meters of coverage. 

For any existing eero customers, the eero 6 is interoperable with existing eero hardware, making it easy to incorporate into your existing network. It also incorporates with Alexa in your home with the eero+ Alexa Skill which lets you issue voice commands to control your internet.

Nick Weaver, Co-Founder and CEO of eero  said “Customers around the world need reliable home Wi-Fi now more than ever. Many of us are working from home, helping kids with online learning, keeping in touch with friends and family, and streaming and gaming in 4K—often at the same time. eero 6 gives customers the speed and reliability of Wi-Fi 6 at an affordable price.”

The eero 6 is available to purchase online from and in-store (and online) from JB HiFi, Bunnings, Officeworks and Bing Lee. The eero 6 will be available as a single router for $229, or as extenders for $199 each. You can also buy a three-pack with an eero 6 router and two extenders for $499.