How many have watched kids solve Rubik’s cubes incredibly fast and wondered just how they did it.  According to my son, after hours and hours of practice and watching countless YouTube videos it’s a matter of simple algorithms. Of course, in 2021 there is an easier technological solution to it — Rubik’s Connected Cube.

Here at EFTM we have previously reviewed at the GoCube, another connected Rubik’s Cube which also aims to teach users how to solve the cube.  Now Rubik’s have a new cube — the Connected Cube — designed to provide a similar experience to the standard Rubik’s Cube and a speedcube (the sort that you see the folks solving in under 5-6 seconds on YouTube).

What is it??

The Connected Cube is virtually identical to the standard Rubik’s Cube in shape, dimension and feel.  The idea is that you learn on this which then makes for an easy transition to the competitive speed cube.

So how is this Connected Cube different to the GoCube reviewed last year?  Aside from the obvious differences in look and feel to the original cube the GoCube also has some additional smart features such as 3D tracking to track the physical cube’s 3D orientation.  Another difference is the Rubik’s Connected Cube is charged by the charger which clips into the cube rather than the magnetically connected charger for the GoCube.

The whole premise of the Connected Sube though is to teach you the algorithms required to solve the cube from any puzzle.  It does this using the connected app.

Connectivity and the app

Connecting the cube to your device is easy, all you have to do is download the app that it shows on the box and then follow the on-screen instructions for your next steps.  Once connected the app tracks the cube’s activity and movements.

Just as for the GoCube app the Connected Cube app senses where all the tiles are and tells you where to move the tiles to which leads to a solution.  It shows you full algorithms to solve future cube problems too which can help you to solve the cube regularly.

The app has a ton of features including games, solving and more! My son’s favourite is the Simon Says game, although there are many more features.

How does it compare to Speedcube?

There are, according to my son, two different speeds of turning a Rubik’s Cube: Rubik’s brand and Speedcube. I would say this cube sits a bit further towards the SpeedCube side with the turning not quite as fluid and smooth but a lot more than that in a normal Rubik’s Cube.  This helps in a transition from this beginner’s type Rubik’s Connected Cube to the more advanced Speedcube.

Can it teach you how to solve a Rubik’s cube? 

Easily! Not only can you see the colours you are on, but it also shows you the moves to solve! Also, when you mess up, it shows you the steps to get back to where you were.  It’s like having your own personal coach helping you as you work through the cube solution.  

As someone who was never able to solve a Rubik’s Cube without removing the pieces (no I didn’t pull the stickers off, I pulled the physical tiles out and put them back together in the correct location.. Shhh) this would be perfect for me if I ever want to take the time to learn.

Who’s it for?

In the words of my 12 year old son: 

This is a great cube to have as a beginner Speedcuber because it can easily help you with starting off. You can also get it if you are wanting a fun experience.

Everyone, honestly. If they love Speedcubing, want to try something new or both of those things, then this is for them! It’s also a good way to start off Speedcubing and help you on your way to getting faster solves.

Where can you get it?

The Rubik’s Connected Cube can be purchased from anywhere you get your tech gadgets from the bigger stores such as JB Hi-Fi or from smaller local retailers such as