While there’s plenty of world records being set for being first at something, or fastest – there’s something that is way more important – distance. TPG Telecom has set a world record for a long-range video and voice call to prove just how widespread their 5G network can be.

In partnership with Nokia who are the TPG Telecom network equipment vendor, the call was made between two regular 5G handsets, over a distance of 148km on a single tower.

Basically, imagine the 5G tower (this one in Mt England QLD) and then have two people stand either side of it making a call. Great, well done.

Now have them travel some distance away from the tower, in this case – around 74km away. Each of them 74km from the tower, but separated by 148km between them. And the call worked.

Using the 700MHz band which has greater reach and capability, this will allow TPG to build the TPG and Vodafone 5G services out over vast distances.

“This record-setting achievement has really pushed the boundaries of what was previously thought possible with 5G networks. For us at TPG Telecom, this is not just a world record, it is a real-life demonstration of how we are building a smarter network to connect customers across greater distances than ever before,” said TPG Telecom General Manager Wireless & Transmission Networks, Yago Lopez.

“This will lead to important leaps in capability for our network while also ensuring we can maximise the rollout and coverage of our 5G network to deliver the connectivity benefits of 5G technology to more Australian homes and businesses.”

It’s a big deal, and while mmWave 5G is being built for dense areas with “towers” every light pole or telegraph pole as an example, this distance based 5G demonstrates the true scale potential of a 5G network.