Oh yeah, you read that right. Apple missed the crown again. With Google’s Pixel 4A winning last year, the iPhone 13 could surely win back the crown.

Nope, the Pixel 6 is amazing, and it wins well here in the EFTM Best awards, but it’s not our choice for Best Smartphone.

And again, as is often a theme, that’s on value.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a truely great bit of engineering. Remember this technology is just years old, this phone performs well, looks great and has been a retail hit.

Why? The Price. Hello – $1,499 – that’s ridiculous. That’s remarkable.

And that’s why this is the EFTM Best Smartphone for 2021. To get this level of innovation, something so new in relative terms, at this price. A winner every day of the week.