Laser has recently expanded their G-Tek gaming accessories in the with the addition of both keyboards and mice across all price points and capabilities.  The two key product ranges include the premium Cyborg range and the affordable Replicator range but with so many different options it is often difficult to decide which is best for you but to help guide you we had a look at some of them and noted our thoughts below.

 G-Tek Cyborg 1000 gaming keyboard

The Cyborg 1000 gaming keyboard if G-Tek’s compact premium gaming keyboard.  The 87-key keyboard offers not just wired connectivity but also Bluetooth and 2.4GHz through the included dongle.  A simple switch on the back of the keyboard is used to switch between the three, with the dongle stored in the same location when not in use.  The battery for the wireless connections is rechargeable using the included USB-C cable – you can still use a wireless connection while the keyboard is charging or you can switch it over to the wired connection to increase charging speed if you are connecting it to your PC.

The keyboard comes with a magnetic cover that can be used for those who want to go that extra mile to protect the keyboard from dirt and damage.  Also included in the box is a premium feeling and looking palm rest that feels like leather but sits comfortably below the keyboard and makes a huge difference when using the keyboard for an extended period of time.

The switches are important when using and purchasing a gaming keyboard and with the Cyborg 1000 you can be certain you are getting the best available with the switches being Cherry MX Red Mechanical Switches (my preference in a gaming keyboard) with a short actuation distance of just 2.0mm meaning a fast response time.  The keycaps are also important because you don’t want to wear them out too quickly, especially when PC gaming often uses the same keys over and over.  G-Tek has included PBT Doubleshot keycaps for a longer lifespan and durability.

The RGB lighting on the Cyborg 1000 is extremely good and although the lighting is changed using the keyboard rather than my preference of PC software it is easy to change.  All lighting options are available including sweeping motions based on row or the entire keyboard (in, out, across etc) along with my favourite of only the pressed key lighting up.  

The keyboard, although compact, has some decent weight to it thanks to its steel plate and as such feels extremely well made and durable.  There is a little bit of wobble to the keys but you should expect that with a mechanical keyboard.  The compact nature of the keyboard frees up room on your desk which is something I prefer as it allows for a more comfortable mouse position for me.

Although the function keys can be used to operate various media controls including volume it is not a quick option given you need to hit “function” (FN) and the “F” key to perform that function.  There are no dedicated macro buttons or media controls on the keyboard which is a bit disappointing given it is a premium keyboard but with a compact keyboard something normally has to give and in this case those buttons were it.

Aside from this lack of macro and media buttons I thought this keyboard was as close to perfect for a gaming keyboard I want.  Even using it for productivity was decent – sure it wasn’t up to par with my Logitech MX Keys Mini but it is the best gaming keyboard for productivity (large volumes of typing including writing this review) that I have ever used.

The G-Tek Cyborg 1000 mechanical gaming keyboard has a RRP of $249 and can be found at JB Hi-Fi Online.

G-Tek Replicator 500 Gaming Keyboard 

The G-Tek Replicator 500 belongs at the other end of their gaming range to the Cyborg 1000.  It is a full sized 104-key keyboard with included media buttons.  There are a multitude of differences between this and the Cyborg 1000.

The wired USB connection is the only connectivity option for the Replicator 500 and although it is apparently a very similar weight to the Cyborg 1000 it feels a lot lighter which to me seems to be because it does not feel as solid nor as well made as the Cyborg – it has an aluminium chassis rather than a steel one.  The palm rest also isn’t as nice as it sits lower to the keyboard than I’d prefer and is also plastic and built into the keyboard itself.

Although the switches are “gaming grade” mechanical red switches they are most certainly now Cherry Mx switches.  The difference between the two keys is night and day, especially when doing productivity activities.  I’d go as far as to say it is unusable for longer periods of large volumes of typing.  For gaming, after all that is the primary function of the keyboard, it is definitely acceptable although there is more wobble to the keys and the distance to activation seems to be a lot further.  The keycaps are the cheaper ABS keycaps which often do not last as long as the PBT keycaps.

One thing I did prefer about the keyboard was the dedicated RGB control and media buttons at the top of the keyboard allowing for easy changing.  The RGB lighting was basically the same as for the Cyborg 1000 but with the dedicated function buttons it is easier to control the various options and see what each does, rather than scrolling through the options as for the Cyborg 1000.

Full sized gaming keyboards with high end Cherry Mx keys are not cheap and if you really do need a full-sized keyboard then there aren’t many cheaper options with these high end Cherry MX switches.  This Replicator 500 keyboard is a nice option for those who have a tighter budget but still want mechanical switches (although a cheaper and less premium version of the Cherry MX) and a full-sized keyboard.  If you decide you don’t need the numpad included in the full-sized keyboard there are other options at similar prices which do include Cherry MX switches.

The G-Tek Replicator 500 mechanical gaming keyboard is just $99 from JB Hi-Fi Online.

G-Tek Cyborg 750 Lightweight Gaming Mouse

 A decent gaming mouse is essential if you want to get the best out of your gaming experience.  The G-Tek Cyborg 750 mouse is their top of the range gaming mouse and after using it you can see why.  Although a wired connection is the only connectivity option, the cloth-covered cable connecting the mouse to your PC is extremely flexible and does not interfere with the smooth motion and movement of the mouse at all.  

The wired connection allows fast connectivity and low latency and given its ability to support up to 400 IPS and 18000 native DPI through its PixArt 3337 Pro Gaming sensor it is perfect for gaming – its polling rate is 1000Hz which is perfect for that fast-paced game.  The buttons include Omron Pro Gaming mechanical switches which are not overly loud but offer good feedback which feels smooth going from one action to another.

The rounded mouse offers great comfort in the hand without any sharp edges digging into you no matter how carried away you get during your gaming session.  Its size is not overly large and is basically a standard-sized mouse so it won’t extend your fingers too much.  The entire mouse is extremely lightweight making it easy to move and navigate through your game.

RGB lighting is included and although once again it is controlled not by software but by a dedicated button on the mouse.  The button is used to change the DPI setting of the mouse (from 800 to 18000DPI) with a different colour signifying a different DPI level when you change it.  After you have finished changing the DPI, the mouse will then just scroll through the various colours of RGB.  There is no way to set it to be a single colour permanently.

In the end the mouse is a great option if wired is your preferred connectivity with the flexible cloth-covered USB cable not hindering the movement in any way at all.  The lighting may be basic but it’s a mouse and you won’t be looking at that very often anyway, especially if your hand is over the mouse covering much of the lighting anyway.

The G-Tek Cyborg 750 Lightweight Gaming Mouse is a great little mouse and for just $99 with some great switches it is decent value for money.  You won’t find many that compare to this in function at that price.

G-Tek Replicator 450 wired gaming mouse

The G-Tek Replicator 450 wired mouse is their extremely affordable mouse at just $49.  The mouse is heavier than the 750 and also has a squarer shape.  As such it does not sit in the hand as well as the ultralight 750.   There is a lightweight Replicator mouse so if the weight is a possible issue for you, while on a tight budget, then that’s one you should be looking at.

The Replicator 450 still has G-Force Gaming Mechanical switches underneath each button, RGB lighting and an ATG4090 sensor capable of 8000DPI.  The RGB is a waving component as it scrolls through the various colour – using the DPI button temporarily changes the colour of the RGB lighting much in the same way the 750 does.  

The Replicator 450 has six settings for DPI from 500DPI up to 8000DPI and is still good enough for many gamers.   In isolation, the Replicator 500 mouse was a decent little gaming mouse which felt and looked great (my 13yo son preferred this one due to the look of it) – alongside the ultralight 750 though I thought it paled in comparison.  The 750 does cost twice as much and when setting up your gaming PC often there are budgetary constraints so at $50 the Replicator 450 is a decent choice – unless you are gaming at a pro level it won’t make too much difference.

Something for everyone

In the end, the Cyborg range of gaming accessories from G-Tek is most definitely premium in their feature list and operation but you do pay a premium price for that. If the price is something you baulk at then the Replicator range is much more affordable. The new range and their pricing includes:

  • G-Tek Cyborg 3000 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (104 Key, Wired) – $279
  • G-Tek Cyborg 1000 Gaming Keyboard (87 Key, Wireless) – $249
  • G-Tek Cyborg 850 Dual Mode Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (71 Key, Wired + Bluetooth)- $199
  • G-Tek Cyborg 750 Lightweight Gaming Mouse – $99
  • G-Tek Cyborg Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse – $99
  • G-Tek Replicator Mechanical Keyboard (104 key) – $99
  • G-Tek Replicator Lightweight Gaming Mouse – $49
  • G-Tek Replicator 7 Key Gaming Mouse – $49