A little less than four years since launching the sports streaming service Kayo Sports is making changes to their plans and pricing with a new single-screen viewing plan and a 10% price jump for the basic plan.

What was the entry level of $25 will now bill at $27.50 per month for existing users allowing them to watch on two screens simultaneously all the sport on Kayo.

If you don’t need a second screen, you can drop down to a new “Kayo One” plan which costs $25 but allows just a single stream at any one time.

The top tier Premium plan which allows three screens remains fixed at $35 per month.

It’s an interesting move to add a new entry tier but not at a dramatically lower price, if it was $15 or even $20 perhaps it would entice new subscribers, however we suspect it exists purely to ensure Kayo can continue to market themselves as being “From $25” – similar to the way Stan retains it’s $10 entry plan.

Oh, and if you signed up to Kayo via your Apple iTunes account the new price is $27.99 – because Apple’s pricing tiers don’t allow for a 50c rounding:)