When Apple announced the New MacBook Air at WWDC just a month ago there was a lot of hype and fanfare, this was not just a new look device but also a new processor so there’s a lot to look forward to with this one.

But what am I reviewing here, the new look or the new processor, because in reality, I think most people will be keen on this device for the look not the power.

Apple’s M2 Processing power

Like the MacBook Pro 13 inch with TouchBar and the new M2 Apple Silicon the MacBook Air has immense power and capabilities.  It’s truely remarkable what Apple has achieved with this new line of processors.

As I’ve stated with the new MacBook Pro, the M2 processor is without question faster and more powerful than last year’s M1 – but not even close to the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors in the 14 inch MacBook Pro.

So as far as performance goes, you are not going to be left wanting, unless you’re planning on making an 8K movie or something that will make this thing really heat up and push past what the M2 is capable of.  But that’s not the MacBook Air market.

MacBook Air with M2 – the new design

Most of the likely buyers of the new Apple MacBook Air are going to be doing so because it’s their first MacBook and Apple knows their products are just flat out desirable, so that works – or because it’s an upgrade on an older (likely Intel Based) MacBook product.

The new design works perfectly into the hands and desires of both.

It looks like an ever so slightly shrunken MacBook Pro.  The same flat design, no more wedge. 

That iconic Wedge has lasted 12 years and it’s time to move on.  Overall, Apple say this year’s MacBook Air is 20% smaller than the previous one – be that in thickness, weight or however you want to see it, basically it’s overall mass and dimensions are less.

A 1080p Webcam suits the modern post-Covid era well, and the MagSafe charger makes a return to the MacBook Air too as it did with the MacBook Pro’s.

Honestly though, the new look is wasted if you buy Silver or Space Grey – you want to grab the Starlight or my preference Midnight – this is unmistakably new, and you know you want people to know you got a new laptop right?

Overall impressions of the MacBook Air with M2

It’s great, I love the look, sound isn’t on MacBook Pro levels due to the lack of upward firing speakers inside the body, and let’s be honest the performance is more than 99% of people would need.

The midnight coloured variant I’ve been testing has a tendency to carry fingerprints on the outside which is a bit disappointing, but the colour is a winner. As I said, it’s new, people will notice.

Other than that, as with any MacBook this is a workhouse, reliable, stunning screen and great touch to the keyboard. Fingerprint power button works a charm and the large trackpad is a continued great feature.

Should I buy the MacBook Air with M2?

If you have an older generation MacBook Air and need something new, hell yeah!

If you’ve got an older MacBook Pro and know the performance needs you have are met by the M2 (Basic video editing etc) then hell yeah!

If you want a new laptop under $2,000 and love the new look – hell yeah!

If you just want a MacBook – get the MacBook Air with M1 which is still available and is just $1,499!