If you’re sick of playing the daily puzzle game Wordle on your own, there’s good news everybody with a new board game version launching later this year. 

Wordle The Party Game, is aimed at players aged 14 and over, and can be played with between two and four players according to the website

The board game version will operate similarly to Wordle online, with the host writing down a secret word and players given six chances to work out what the word is. Players use dry erase boards and markers 

While Wordle can only be played once a day online, Wordle The Party Game will let you play with your friends over and over again using a dry-erase board and markers, with yellow and green tokens used to mark correct letters, or letters in incorrect positions. 

The game will initially launch in the US, but there’s no announcement on expanding further afield at this stage. Pre-orders open from today through Amazon, Hasbro Pulse and Target US (no relation to our Target). I was able to put in a pre-order on Amazon who will ship to Australia after the launch for $42.43 including GST.