The internet is buzzing with stories about a “major security flaw” and an urgent software update for all Apple Users, to the point where you’d think ever iPhone was at risk of imminent danger. You’re not, but you certainly should get updating. Here’s why.

Apple has released new software updates today for iPads, iPhones and Mac Computers.

Those software numbers are iOS 15.6.1, iPadOS 15.6.1 and MacOS Monterey 12.5.1. EFTM advises you to update all your devices today because it is an important security update.

That said, it’s not like 20,000 people have had their phones attacked and remotely controlled as the clickbait headlines I’ve read today seem to indicate. Apple, like all software companies is constantly updating it’s software in response to any vulnerabilities that are found in it.

The nerdiest of nerds are beavering away trying to break into software and when they find a way to get in, they alert Software makers like Apple who then begin to fix it and issue that fix to the public. They also often pay a fee to these “white hat hackers” who found the vulnerability.

In this case, an issue in both the Kernel (the underlying code for the operating system) and in WebKit (the underlying code for web browsing in Safari and other apps) was found to have an issue which meant that in the wrong hands, and the wrong circumstances harm could be done.

Either by installing malicious software or causing some issues with the device.

The most concerning thing about today’s update notification are the words that “Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited.”

What this means is that Apple knows some people are talking about how it can or has been exploited, but they aren’t aware of the specific cases. Basically, it’s them admitting they have fixed something that’s been talked about in the security community as opposed to something new they’ve discovered themselves.

Sounds scary, and it is. But in reality, Apple releases Security updates to its software often. This is no different.

If you don’t update, you are vulnerable.

If you do update, you’re safe.

Same with regular Windows Updates and the urgent ones – they are about keeping your software safe.

Is this one any worse than another before it? Probably not.

But what this does do is serve to remind us all that we really should be updating our software whenever it is available.

So if your iPhone, iPad or Mac Computer tell you there’s a new version of software waiting – install it. Simple!

Same goes for Windows, and Android while we’re at it.