Google Assistant is one of the most helpful tools around, and with access to my data it’s pretty darn accurate. The information Google Assistant can show you in your ‘My Day’ daily briefing is about to improve though with Google announcing Assistant snapshot.

The ‘Show me my day’ feature currently showed you your agenda, commute times, reminders and things like flight and event updates, upcoming bills and due date reminders but Snapshot will now also show you upcoming birthdays, holiday reminders and more.

The Assistant snapshot will show you more relevant information based on the time of day. In the morning you’ll see a cards about your commute, weather, to-dos and top headlines, while at night you may see suggestions for recipes for dinner or recommendations for nearby restaurants that deliver. Google can also throw in recommendations for podcasts and music as well.

Google Assistant will also throw up Snapshot cards which will allow you to take action for certain things, such as with birthdays the card which will offer suggestions like ‘calling, texting or even singing a personalised birthday song’.

The new Assistant Snapshot is available now for both Android and iOS devices, to try it out all you have to do is launch the Assistant and say ‘Hey Google, Show me my day’.