Konec Mobile has today announced that 5G is now available at no added cost on their $35 Prepaid plan. The addition of 5G is not the only upgrade announced today but is the big-ticket item.

Many of the local MVNOs do not offer 5G on their plans and if they do you need to pay extra for it. The new availability of 5G is designed to help customers get the best mobile service possible while not having to spend any extra, especially relevant in these times of increased inflation.

As a business, we’re all about connecting people to what’s next, whether that’s the latest technology or bespoke bundles for various life stages. With the cost of living taking its toll on many Aussies, we made the decision to absorb the cost of offering 5G,” said Jack Chang, General Manager of Konec Mobile.

Not only is 5G now available for no extra cost but eSIM will be made available across all of Konec Mobile’s plans in the coming weeks, streamlining the activation process with compatible devices.

But wait, there’s more. Konec Mobile now offers free international calling and SMS to 15 international countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, India and more and this is all also at no additional cost to the customer.

That doesn’t seem to be the end of it either with Jack Chang, General Manager of Konec Mobile adding, “We’re constantly looking at ways that we can add value and support our customers, so the introduction of free international standard calling seemed like the logical feature to add.”

Head on over to www.konec.com.au to find out more about the 5G upgrade, eSIM availability and international calling.