It’s been a while since we first saw the innovative StanbyME from LG but we finally have pricing for Australia and it’s pretty sharp. Likewise, the OLED Flex monitor we first saw at IFA Berlin last year now has a pricetag for Australia and you’re gunna want to save the pennies for that one.

And there’s a sweet little incentive too as we lead up to sales season, with a $200 retailer gift card if you buy the StanbyMe and a $500 card if you buy the OLED Flex so there’s savings to be had from the get-go.

LG’s Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment Tony Brown says he hopes it entices people to try these new devices “While many Australians have faced tough economic times this year, the last quarter of the year is set to be the best time to shop for those big-ticket household products. And this latest promotion in partnership with our retail partners is yet another way we are helping Australians to upgrade their home entertainment set up.

As a company committed to continuous innovation, our latest lifestyle screens are designed to meet the evolving needs of Australian consumers, through new form factors and personalised features. Combined with our Bonus Gift Card offer via our retail partners, we are making premium home entertainment technologies accessible to more Australians.” 

LG’s StanbyME is a 27 inch Full HD screen that is also a touch-screen – but there are a few very important innovations that make it more than just a screen.

Firstly it can swivel from Landscape to Portrait – so optimal viewing for any app. It sits on a stand which elevates it well off the floor, and it can tilt to 50 degrees so if you’re on the couch, a hammock or standing making dinner, it’s easy to view.

And of course, that whole stand can unplug from the wall, and be wheeled anywhere you want. $1,999 seems like a decent price for all that convenience.

At the other end of the spectrum is the stunning and advanced LG OLED FLEX.

This may be the ultimate gaming monitor. But then, as a kicker, it’s also a cracking great TV with Smart TV functionality, so it doesn’t have to sit dormant when you’re not gaming.

Sure, its a 42 inch OLED screen – great for gaming. G-Sync, FreeSync, No input lag, HDMI 2.1, 4K at 120Hz, Variable Refresh Rate, Auto Low Latency mode – oh, did I mention it’s OLED, so as a TV its a great screen for any content, sport or movies!

Well that’s fine, but then, after doing some work on the spreadsheets and company presentations, you fire up Steam and load into Call of Duty, game time.

Want an immersive experience – easy – CURVE THE SCREEN.

It goes from Flat to Curved in seconds, and its wild to see.

$4,999 – so something to really treat yourself with.