In a remarkable display of modern security technology, a solar-powered security camera equipped with a 4G SIM card played a pivotal role in thwarting a boat robbery at a Sydney Marina. The Uniden App Cam Solo 4G, installed by an alert boat owner, proved to be more than just an eye in the sky.


Most boats in harbours or waterways remain unattended at night, making them prime targets for thieves. This reality has led many marinas and boat owners to invest in security cameras. However, the incident at this Sydney Marina highlights how advanced technology can add a new layer of defense.

Dramatic Midnight Encounter

The camera, discreetly mounted near the boat, captured footage of several masked intruders. As they attempted enter the boat, the boat owner, miles away and asleep, was alerted. Using his smartphone, he activated the camera’s built-in siren. The piercing alarm sent the startled masked men fleeing, one even attempting to disable the camera in vain.

Uniden App Cam Solo 4G: A game-changing concept in Security

The Uniden camera, a small bullet-style camera, comes with an accompanying solar panel, eliminating the need for frequent battery charges. Unlike traditional security systems dependent on home WiFi, this camera uses a mobile SIM card, allowing for real-time alerts and remote operation.

In this case, the owner has a simple ALDI pre-paid SIM in there which offers super low cost data for the small amount being used by the camera for the notifications.

A Wake-Up Call with Consequences

On this particular night, the camera’s alert led to more than just preventing a theft. The owner’s quick reaction to the notification and subsequent alarm activation not only foiled the theft but also allowed him to call the police who might otherwise not have been called until the next day when boat-owners discovered possible losses. Several suspects were apprehended with allegedly stolen goods in their possession, believed to have come from other boats at the marina.

The incident took a far more serious turn with a security guard at the Marina injured that same evening. Thanks to the boat owner’s prompt response to the camera’s alert, he was able to call for assistance, with the guard now undergoing treatment for his injuries.

Remote monitoring for many situations

This incident at a Sydney Marina serves as a testament to the effectiveness of advanced security technology like the Uniden App Cam Solo 4G. It’s a clear signal to boat owners about the importance of staying equipped and vigilant, even from a distance.

These 4G connected cameras can be used on remote properties, or holiday homes, as well as construction sites and as we’ve seen here, your boat too!

Uniden App Cam Solo 4G: Uniden / JB HiFI