TikTokers, Content Creators, Videographers – no matter what you are if you are shooting video with audio there’s a huge market for wireless microphones so you get far better quality audio for every video you make. DJI are back with their second generation announcing today the DJI Mic 2.

This is quickly becoming a crowded market, we have Rode, recently JBL and now more from DJI.

Paul Pan from DJI says the “DJI Mic 2 represents a leap forward in audio recording technology. We’ve combined high-quality recording functions, user-friendly designs, and noteworthy stability to empower content creators with the tools they need to capture extraordinary audio, no matter where their creativity takes them,”

Packed into a great carry case and charging case, the total package is an all-you-need approach to audio, with a fantastic little receiver featuring an OLED touchscreen and dial to allow you to adjust things like gain with absolute ease.

Then the Microphone itself is a touch chunky but is instantly paired for easy ready-to-go recording.

But it’s the pro level features DJI has put in here that make this appealing. Firstly there’s a Safety Track feature to allow you to record a second track at -6dB in case you’re main track is clipping.

Plus there’s intelligent noise cancelling available too, which should help eliminate background noise in crowded rooms or busy streets.

There are two variants available, white or black, and the receiver is able to be used on USB-C, Lightning or 3.5 mm outputs such as cameras.

When used in a group, you simply take them out of the charging case and they turn on ready to go.

Additionally, the DJI Mic 2 can be used in Bluetooth Mode, so just the microphone itself can pair with a smartphone to be the simplest style audio source you can get.

This is a real pro level approach from DJI – hitting hard toward RODE’s Wireless Pro models, with 32 Bit float internal recording, as well as a solid range of 250 meters (line of sight)

Each transmitter has a 6 hour operating time, plus more from the charging case you can carry with you.

The new DJI Mic 2 starts shipping today, and a full set with two mics, the receiver and charging case will set you back $529. A single mic, and receiver is $379, while a single DJI Mic 2 which you can pair just with Bluetooth will be $169.

We’re already testing it out, and will have a review on our social video channels soon!