One of the worst things about online shopping is the inability to interact with a sales person when you just need some help – a simple question or complex help, online shopping – for the most part – requires you to be armed with the information before coming to the store.

3 Mobile in Sweden have developed a simply amazing customer sales portal.

Put simply, it puts the sales rep in front of you on a live video chat, but the key difference here is the fact that the sales representative can put on front of you in real time on screen images of products, offers, sales information, plans, and perhaps even all those disclaimers and the like.

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The premise is simple, give the customer the same kind of experience they would get walking into a telco store in the local shopping centre.

The only thing missing is the touch and feel of the phone, perhaps some work to do there:)

However, you can’t really argue that this is a revolutionary technology and a great advance in ‘face to face’ customer sales.  And besides all of that – an amazing concept, very well executed I’d say.


3 from B-Reel & B-Reel Films on Vimeo.