Double F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel has helped Inifiniti create a seriously quick SUV. And yes, it will be coming to Australia.

Infiniti, the luxury spin-off brand of Nissan, will be hitting Australian shores in 2012. The Sebastian Vettel FX SUV will be available for a few lucky Aussies. To be produced in very limited numbers, the SUV is a supercar in soccer mum clothing. Thanks to its 309kW V8 engine it’s able to propel the driver and lucky (unlucky?) passengers to up to 300kmh. Vettel and the Red Bull Racing team were instrumental in the design and engineering of the Vettel FX SUV.

“Doing the FX Sebastian Vettel version for Frankfurt was fun, but it’s also a kind of pilot,” says Infiniti’s executive vice president Andy Palmer told The Sydney Morning Herald. “It’s about our equivalent of [Mercedes-Benz] AMG or [BMW] M cars.

Vettel himself owns a version of the SUV, and the concept came about when he discussed a more powerful version of it with Infiniti’s chief creative officer, Shiro Nakamura at the Geneva Motor Show last March.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed but Nissan, Infiniti and it’s alliance partner, Renault, have confirmed interest in continuing producing special vehicles with Vettel’s input across their ranges.