Melbourne-born NBA star Kyrie Irving who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers has shot a sensational ad for Pepsi. The Rookie of the Year dresses as an old man and schools the youngsters.

Irving rocks up to a street basketball game as “Uncle Drew” and gets subbed in when another player is injured. Warming up slowly he soon begins to show the talent which landed him the top rookie honours in his first year in the big league. Watching an old man completely run around a bunch of young street ballers is one of the funniest things we’ve seen in advertising land for a while.

Better yet, it really shows off the skill the NBA players have. Watch how Irving moves around his competition and how quickly he dribbles the ball. Some of his lay ups and dunks are truly sensational as well. It starts to really heat up after the two minute mark.

For the Caveliers, Irving has started a solid 51 games with a massive 30 or more minutes played in each. Watch out Andrew Bogut, this guy is the next big Aussie sensation in the NBA… Even if he did only live here for two years (he still has an Aussie passport though).