The Christmas holiday season is coming up in a couple of months, so what better way to celebrate than to go on an adventure. And why not start that adventure at the airport, on an airline you have never heard of, going somewhere you never thought you would? Sounds like a pretty damn good idea to us.

Thanks to our vast land mass, Australia has a host of international airports, and many international airlines fly to a few of them rather than just one. But there is still the odd airline or two trying to get a foothold in the market or serving a really niche set of passengers. While you may be too old to go backpacking again, whoever said you were too old to play plane roulette? Have an adventure and fly on one of these random carriers!

Aerolíneas Argentinas

Sydney to Buenos Aires

Flying out of Sydney to Buenos Aires, Argentina, this Airbus A340 service used to stop off in Kiwi-land, but you can now enjoy a non-stop service… all 14 or so hours of it. Don’t be afraid, it’s Argentina’s flag carrier and its largest airlines as well, having been in the air since the 1950s. Schmick colour scheme too.

Shanghai Airlines

Melbourne to Shanghai

No prizes here for guessing where this flight goes. With many of the major carriers flying to Shanghai it’s surprising to find a smaller airline competing on the same route. But Shanghai Airlines is wholly owned by China Eastern Airlines which solves the mystery somewhat. Services are infrequent and on an older style Boeing 767.

Our Airline

Brisbane/Sydney to Nauru

Formerly known as Air Nauru this little Boeing 737 service has a far from envious name. There are two airlines in the fleet, though, and it has been going since 1970 so you’re in fairly safe hands if you want a little island trip.

Asia Pacific Airlines

Cairns to Tabubil, Papua New Guinea

Operating a fleet of two small Bombardier Dash 8 planes, this airline has been in existence since 1991. Don’t expect much luxury on the small hop from Cairns to Tabubil. They are so small we couldn’t find an image, so here is a random Dash 8.

Asiana Airlines

Sydney to Seoul

Last on the list is one that some people may have heard of. The number one airline in the world, according to Skytrax, Asiana still has trouble gaining a reputation in this country. It has a daily Boeing 777 service between Sydney and Seoul and is all class, as you would expect.