Dunlop Volley InternationalsYou know we love our Dunlop Volleys, we’ve written about them enough times. All that history, all that style. Now you can grab the original Volley International in a range of very cool colours for a bargain price.

The traditional Volley International is the shoe that every Australian has to own. Sure, they get torn up pretty rapidly and soiled quicker than a baby’s nappy, but at just $34.95, that’s usually not a big problem. Just buy two pairs. Realistically a pair should last you around six months before it becomes tattered and worn.

dunlop volley yellowThe traditional Volley International came in black or white with a couple of secondary colour options on the tongue like blue or green. Every now and then there was also a special edition Volley International, such as the Olympic or the Australia Day. But now Dunlop has released a whole host of new colours for the classic.

Available now at you can grab the International in teal blue, burgundy, yellow, blue, green, charcoal, fluoro yellow, navy, olive red or tan. If you can’t find a colour there that would go with your weekend wares, then you’re clearly not trying hard enough.

dunlop volley redThere is also the emerging trend to wear a good sneaker with a suit, which means you could try your luck with one of the traditional Volley Internationals whilst suiting up.

Grab any of the colours for $34.95 at with free delivery now.