In a world of digital disruption there are some things you probably never thought could be disrupted – that being the key to a successful disruption.  One such industry would be greeting cards.

The greeting card business requires three simple actions, you choose a greeting card, write on the greeting card and post it.

Choosing a card is done at the Newsagent right?

Writing on it is something you do with your hand and a pen – right?

Posting it requires a trip to the post office for stamps, or at the very least finding a post box.


Not any more. Enter little Aussie startup These guys have cracked the code.

With Cardly, you visit a website, choose the card design you like then write your message inside.


But that’s going to be all formal and typed – not very person. Nope, try this, you get to choose a handwriting style and enter your message with a form of handwriting that suits you. You can even choose little doodles to insert too on the card.

Then you enter the address details and off she goes – $6.45 covers the postage, printing and the card itself.

A touching card from my Producer Sam:)

A touching card from my Producer Sam:)

When it arrives, the envelope has that same handwriting used for the address, and inside is a quality card with handwriting that is so realistic I had to look several times to see if it in fact was printed by machine or by hand.

Great choice of card Sam!

Great choice of card Sam!

Impressive! I spoke with Patrick Gaskin – Co-Founder of Cardly on my radio show last week – listen here:

Cardly brings a personal touch back to the online world – email greeting cards are lame, putting something in the post is now simple and very personal – worth a try this Christmas!