Have you ever struck a blow with a hammer and reeled away in shock as the resulting vibrations use your body like a shock absorber? Well a globally renowned garden and kitchen brand named Fiskars has literally created a solution that doesn’t involve the aforementioned problem. Known as IsoCore, this innovative shock control system helps capture the kinetic energy from every strike, the result being the impact being reduced by up to four times over a traditional hammer.

Fiskars have now entered the hardware scene and released quite an impressive line up of tools to nail or smash things with. The range features two claw hammers, one framing hammer, a club hammer, a sledge hammer and a maul and a mattock.

We received the mighty looking club hammer in the post recently and can confirm this is one serious looking tool, how Australia Post allowed it through my local post office is a mystery, it did look a little sus when I collected it!

The smart people at Fiskars have catered for people such as us when it comes to inaccurate blows as well. You see inaccurate strikes weaken the shaft so they’ve added a kind of sloped head that will push debris away from the head and off to the side after each hit. As a result you can also expect five times more bang for your buck over traditional sledge hammers.

In the traditional hammer range Fiskars have fitted a retention bolt that prevents the scary but not uncommon situation of the head separating from the body after repeated use. Because obviously a hammerhead to the head is the last thing you need.

Fiskars have been around for 368 years, I’m tipping they know what they’re doing.

  • The Fiskars IsoCore Claw and Framing Hammers are available now at Bunnings stores nationally – $54.00-$64.00
  • The Fiskars IsoCore Club and Sledge Hammers are available also in Bunnings with the Club Hammer $49.00 and Sledge Hammer $99.00.