I’ve seen kids watches and trackers at tech-trade shows for years now, unfortunately the good ones never come to Australia, and the bad ones are well – bad.

Worry no more, there’s a smartwatch coming for your kids that actually ticks all the boxes!

Early next year the Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch (MT30) will launch in Australia.

It’s 3G enabled (Tick! – Most to date have been 2G, thus meaning they aren’t any good for Australia) and at $149 (Tick! That’s a crazy good price) we expect all the telcos to be interested in selling this little guy.

Expect Telcos to sell it outright, with a small monthly fee – say $10, maybe less – to keep it connected.

This 3G Smartwatch is also pretty good looking! (Tick! Most to date have been big, bulky and ugly).  It’s got a reasonably slim form factor so it looks like any normal watch.

Except – it’s a touch screen.  Clock faces can be customised, the wrist bands can be interchanged and of course your kids can send emoji icons to each other to stay in touch:)

For the parents though, this is a real winner.  Set a GeoFence around your local park, or neighbourhood, let the kids roam free within those boundaries no problem.

They stray away, you get an alert.

Kids can call you from the watch, and in case of trouble there’s an SOS button which enables an emergency call and location tracking.

Battery life is two days, so kids are going to have to plug it in each night or they’ll forget!

Parents can use the Track & Talk app to view their child’s location at any time, or contact the device.

MOVETIME Family Watch MT30 Specifications:

  • 3G Connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • IP67 Robust
  • Water-Proof (Up to 1 meter of static water)
  • Dust-proof
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 2100
  • GPS tracking via MOVETIME Track and Talk App