Some Kickstarter products just capture our attention here at EFTM. GoDice is one of them.

GoDice brings the classic dice games (such as Yahtzee) into the 21st century. With GoDice, all the dice are Bluetooth connected (5 or 6 dice in a single set), so the app knows when each die is taken, shaken, rolled and what numbers come out. No cheating, because it’ll know that too.

GoDice data sync immediately to the app, so no more admin! No paper, scoresheets or writing. The tracking and calculating are done instantly and automatically in the app.

The GoDice will fit sensors, processing, wireless and power into the standard size of Casino dice. A 10 second charge gives an hour of game time .

GoDice app tracks all of the historical data such as trend score, average score, games won and lost, game time, power of your toss and number of turns.

Click here to pre-order GoDice with prices starting at USD $59.