If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all anything, it’s how much we need reliable, fast internet. D-Link is today announcing their new range of 5G backed routers, with options for inside and outside the house, and for when you’re on the go.

D-Link is heavily interested in the 5G with D-Link Corporation CEO Lori Hu saying ‘D-Link believes that 5G technology has and will continue to develop aggressively and create incredible, valuable user experiences. These new game-changing 5G innovations demonstrate D-Link’s commitment toward promoting an ever-evolving and improving world of connectivity.

For stepping away from the house, the DWR-2101 5G NR MiFi is perfect to keep in your bag. The compact unit includes a dual-core processor, LCD screen with touch panel and support for 802.11AX Wi-Fi. An RJ-45 (Ethernet jack), USB 3.1 port are included and it comes with a massive 5300mAh battery capacity.

DWP-1020 5G NR Outdoor Unit
For outside the house, the D-Link DWP-1020 is a 5GNR Sub-6G + mmWave outdoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment – your router) that supports non-standalone mode, 5GNR/LTE and 3G model mode. Designed for outdoor use, the DWP-1020 is waterproof and supports multi-giga PoE features. Self-installation is simple and convenient with the EZFi Plus app.

It’s IP45 waterproof so there’s no dramas about attaching it outside your home to improve the wifi signal whether you’re hosting a party outside, or just extending wifi to the back shed.

DW-978 5G Gateway
Finally the DW-978G is designed as the perfect replacement for traditional wired service. The router supports 5G NR Sub-6 GHz frequencies including global support.

The router comes with support for AC2600 802.1ac meaning very fast transfers all round.

The DW-978G includes 4x Gigabit LAN ports, and a 1Gigabit WAN port, with a USB 2.0 port and obviously a SIM slot.

D-link has also included an RJ-11 port for VoLTE functionality and supports D-Link Intelligent QoS technology for prioritising important network traffic.

D-Link has not yet announced Australian pricing and availability but we’ll be on it when they do.