Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s happening. An EV Price war. With BYD set to announce their “Dolphin” as their cheapest EV in just days from now, MG has taken the opportunity to reshape the MG4 EV lineup before it even hits the market.

And make no mistake, these are calculated moves to get the “cheapest EV” headline, and I love it.

When we reported the MG4 pricing just over a month ago, it was the “Excite” model with a starting price of $44,990 on a car with 450km range. Nice one.

Today, an extra model hits the lineup with the MG4 Excite 51 sitting below that, with a 51kWh battery, reducing overall range to 350km, and making this a four car, three battery lineup from MG in just the one model.

And the price – $38,990 plus on roads and minus your Government subsidy if applicable.

It’s the same car, just a smaller battery.

Now there are charging changes too regarding the charging speed and input, but if you’re spending in the 30’s on an EV – you’re not going to get ultra-fast charging. Still under an hour at a fast charger, totally fine.

So, the challenge is set. Can BYD beat that price? They certainly now must make this Dolphin a car with a 3 in front of the price tag, question is, just how low can they go.