Razer has launched their first ever in-ear monitor designed to bring gaming audio to a new level, the Razer Moray.

With THX Certification, the Razer Moray is designed to deliver a high-fidelity audio experience to the user delivering clear vocals and dialogue while remaining distortion-free. The custom fit allows for superior noise isolation providing that high quality audio for both gaming and streaming. The noise isolation is capable of blocking up to -36dB of noise resulting in far fewer distractions.

The Moray includes a hybrid dual-driver acoustic design with one driver for those clear treble sounds and a dynamic driver for a deep, rich bass.

The Razer Moray is designed to be comfortable for all-day gaming sessions to provide fatigue-free gaming and broadcast sessions. With three different ear tip sizes the Moray guarantees optimal comfort and sound isolation. The new low-profile ergonomic shape offers a snug fit that is significantly better than traditional headsets with zero pressure on the head or ears (from a head band or earcups) resulting in that fatigue-free, long listening session.

The new design focusing on optimal comfort while providing a higher level of audio quality for a gaming audio device makes the Razer Moray a perfect for the gamer or streamer interested in longer sessions with better audio.

For more information on the Razer Moray, please visit Razer.com. Coming soon to Amazon Australia and your local gaming retailers, the Razer Moray will retail for $249.95 AUD / $279.95 NZD.