Go on, spoil yourself with a Formula 1 car driven by Jacques Villeneuve during a race weekend. OK it was Jacques Villeneuve, uncle to World Champion JV, and he didn’t qualify… but it’s still cool.

The RAM March F1 car is for sale at Classic Throttle Shop under the Harbour Bridge between North Sydney and Milsons Point, NSW. The RAM March 01 did make it into a Grand Prix under the control of Ulsterman Kenny Acheson, but was largely uncompetitive due to engine and tyre packages at the time. However, top drivers such as Nelson Piquet and Eliseo Salazar got behind the cockpit and mainly said good things about the chassis, which is now partnered with a Cosworth V8 at Classic Throttle Shop.

According to F1 expert Alan Henry, “The RAM 01 turned out to be a highly competent car, but its ability was completely disguised in 1983 by a combination of poor engines, completely wooden tyres and an inadequate development budget.”

As a Formula 1 team, RAM had limited success. It was formed in 1975 by Mike Ralph and John Macdonald, with RAM derived from their names. The team never scored a point.

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Price: $275,000
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