The latest in consumer security has been unveiled by Swann at CES, introducing the new MaxRanger4K Wireless Solar Security System, a new Pan & Tilt 4K Wireless Security Camera, ActiveResponse Personal Safety Alarm and HomeShield AI Security Concierge.

MaxRanger4K Wireless Solar Security System

The new MaxRanger4K Wireless Solar Security System is designed for those looking to secure a larger property, home, farm or small business with a number of features geared toward remote monitoring. 

The system includes support for long distances up to 200 metres using the HaLow WI-Fi standard, as well as using Sony STARVIS sensors in their cameras which are able to  capture clear images in a near-infrared light, making them perfect for both day and night monitoring in 4K, with integrated solar panels powering them.

The system includes TrueDetect AI bringing proactive sensing of heat, motion, people and vehicles, providing smart alerts to you. You’re also able to access all the features you’d expect including sirens, 2-way audio, and mobile alerts.

Pan & Tilt 4K Wireless Security Camera

The new Pan & Tilt 4K Wireless Security Camera from Swann includes 4K UltraHD video and the ability to pan and tilt the camera remotely, giving you.

The camera can be controlled remotely via your smartphone, letting you easily capture and follow using the 4K resolution camera which offers a wide 90° viewing angle. You can speak through the camera using the 2-way audio system, and if you need to get attention remotely you can set off the siren.

The camera comes in a weatherproof design, but can be used indoors or out, with colour night vision able to fill in the gaps until you ignite the dual spotlights. 

The camera can be powered by a long-lasting battery able to go 6-months on a charge, or with a solar panel for uninterrupted surveillance, even during power outages. The camera has seamless recording during internet outages.

ActiveResponse Personal Safety Alarm

The new ActiveResponse Personal Safety Alarm offers peace of mind as a personal safety device paired to your Smartphone, and able to quickly get you in contact with emergency services, or your family at the push of a button.

The Swann ActiveResponse Personal Safety Alarm can not only summon aid, but can emit a loud siren when the safety pin is pulled, ensuring attention is drawn to you immediately. 

Powered by a CR2 battery, which Swann says will have a long life, the alarm can be carried in your pocket, keyring or bag for convenience. 

HomeShield AI Security Concierge

Swann are also offering AI options in the form of an AI Security Concierge who will power the range of Swann video doorbells, cameras, and devices.

The HomeShield Security Concierge will act just like a person at home answering the doorbell, interacting with delivery drivers to accept packages, respond to visitors and even welcome your family and friends. 

Swann has picked up a CES Award for the HomeShield AI Security Concierge and we’re looking forward to checking it out soon.


Swann has also announced some updates to existing products, including the AllSecure4K+ Wireless Security Kit, SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell and the Xtreem4K Wireless Camera with Spotlights. 

The AllSecure 4K+ Wireless security kit is being updated from 2K to 4K video capabilities with four wireless cameras included in the kit. The system also includes sensor spotlights, and 2-way audio and a battery that can power the system for up to five hours, meaning no down time in power outages. 

The SwannBuddy4K Wireless Doorbell updates their popular Buddy doorbell, with 4K video, keeping all the great features like ‘head to toe view’, 2-way audio and the long-lasting battery with local storage. 

Swann have also updated their Xtreem Wireless Camera with the new Xtreem4K Wireless Camera with Spotlights.

The Xtreem4K Wireless Camera with Spotlights now offers 4K Ultra HD video recording, as well as improved low-light capture with integrated spotlights and Night2Day Colour Night vision. The camera includes 2-way audio and has a 110° field of view so you won’t miss anything.

The camera can last up to 120 days on a charge, with an optional solar panel available allowing for continuous monitoring.

At this stage we don’t have a release date or pricing for the latest Swann announcements, but we’ll update as soon as they do.

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