Crunch time for the EFTM BEST Awards as we enter our final day with some of our biggest and most important awards. The Smartphone is a device we all carry, it’s a polarising thing given how loyal Aussies are to different brands, and in 2023 there are so many great phones on the market it really is a tighter race than ever before.

While Apple has dominated in many ways the market and the conversation around Smartphones, in the EFTM BEST Awards, Apple has won a few, but so has Huawei, Samsung and Google.

This year, just days ago we announced our first ever EFTM BEST Award Joint winner with the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Google Pixel 8 Pro sharing the spotlight for BEST SMARTPHONE CAMERA.

But here’s the thing, I don’t love using large screen phones. But now several months since the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro Max – I’m still using it. The feeling in the hand, the new Titanium construction, and importantly the 5x Camera Zoom have got me hooked.

I still love a flip form factor – probably why we’ve created the Best Foldable Smartphone award, though that doesn’t prevent a foldable taking this gong.

It’s subjective as all heck – we get that, and I reckon Dan and Scott would argue hard for a bunch of other devices, but in this instance the EFTM BEST Award for BEST SMARTPHONE 2023 goes to the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.